Vehicle Detailing


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Outside Clean Our most popular car clean is a thorough hand wash including tyres, with chamois dry. $27 $31
Inside Clean Step into a vehicle with carpets and seats vacuumed, dashboard console, door trims and jams all cleaned down.  $29 $35
Full Clean An Outside Clean and Inside Clean combined. It feels so good returning to a truly clean car. So good! $49 $59
Hand Polish We give you the Outside Clean, then a hand polish across all paint work using quality car care products. $109 $129
Steam Clean We give you the Inside Clean, then follow with a steam clean of all carpeted and seated areas of your vehicle. Where we can, we attempt to remove stubborn stains also. $119 $139
Super Clean Get the Inside Clean and a Hand Polish. $129 $149
Total Clean Get the Outside Clean and a Steam Clean. $139 $159
Deluxe Clean DELUXE! Go on get the lot! Put us to the test, give your car back its showroom shine and new car smell. $199 $219


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