Why is travelling an essential part of life?

Posted: 22/06/2015 1:39:05 PM

Why Travelling is an Essential Part of Life
If you can afford it, one of the best times to travel is after leaving high school and before entering college. If you are able to go abroad while you are still young, you should seek out opportunities to work or study. However, it is good to travel regardless of your age. The experience that you gain from travelling can help you in your career as well as in your social life. Here are some ways that seeing the world can prove tremendously beneficial:

•    You Get Exposed to Life Beyond Your Comfort Zone
By seeing learning about the history and culture of other countries, you can get a different perspective on life. Furthermore, you will be challenging yourself by leaving the familiar and safe behind. The situations in which we learn most about ourselves are often the ones in which we are exposed to scary and unfamiliar things. Life outside of your comfort zone will become more comfortable once you find that you are able to find your way around in foreign environments and interact with others despite your differences.

•    Travels Provides Adventure and a Break from the Routine
Travel offers stimulation and excitement. You get to insert yourself into a completely new environment and experience it all for the first time. This is why so many people become addicted to travelling. It is the perfect way to eliminate boredom and to insert variety into your life.

•    You Learn More From Travelling
No matter how much travel writing you read or how many shows on the Travel Channel you watch, there is no better way to learn about a place and a culture than actually visiting it. There is nothing like seeing a place in person to shatter your preconceived notions and completely change your mind. In addition, one of the best ways to learn about a place is from the citizens of that place. Most people will be more than happy to share their culture and history with outsiders. Travelling offers you the opportunities to interact with people who live in the place that you are visiting.

•    You Gain Confidence
As you learn to use public transportation in another country or learn how to communicate with people in a new language, you become more confident about your ability to adapt to new situations. The skill of being able to overcome obstacles will be very useful even after you return home. You will find yourself better able to face change and new circumstances.

•    You Are Prepared for Globalization
The reality is that businesses around the world are working with each other across national borders and the rate of interaction is expected to increase. At some point, you may have a job that requires you to travel and to work in foreign countries. Even when at home, your job may require you to work with people from various backgrounds. If you have traveled, you will have a tremendous advantage. You will be better prepared for a future where business is done globally using multiple languages.

•    Travel Helps You to Form Connections
Living and working abroad can help you to form a valuable social network. Your network can help you to find jobs in other countries and may even provide you with places to stay while visiting a new country. Having a network of friends while abroad can help other places to feel a little less foreign and a little more like home.

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